Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sour cream container cuteness!

A near & dear friend found this awesome tutorial on how to make sour cream container favors for a party:

We loved the idea and got down to business. We didn't have an upcoming party to plan for, so she came up with the brilliant idea to hand them out to people she visits on a regular basis (yes, any LDS person knows what I'm talking about), along with a short message or card. I loved the idea so much, I copied her! These are EASY and look like a professional hammered them out. Invest in the paper crimper if possible, really gives it the "done" look.


  1. I LOVE your "about me" page! It's so good to see your faces, and your descriptions are so awesome. I love you guys!!

  2. I had fun doing it! Thanks for bringing over the cricut to play!!

  3. Yes, Lindy's Pile o Craft Extravaganza has come to fruition. She got us inspired, typed up our bios and we were off, literally, for about 4 months. We've just now gotten back on the POC (Pile o Craft) bandwagon.

    P-yes of course! We should play again soon. Perhaps, a mini-session over at my place? We'll pre-select an idea or color scheme and go to town.

  4. these are so cute! my sister uses them as ornaments on her christmas tree, they're good for all kinds of things!


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