Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lindy taught me how to play a new game!!

Seriously? Seriously? HOW did I not know about this fun (and free) way to edit pictures? Lindy has told me about it in the past, the free-finding genius that she is, and I always mean to edit my pictures before posting and then tell myself how good I'm doing just to be posting. Well, not anymore folks! Go to to start your fun, free picture editing today!



What a good looking couple. I even added lipstick to my lips (okay, I caved and paid the $24.95/yr for the premium package, 'put that sass back in your mouth!' as Lindy would say).

I'm redoing a bench for the entryway and just decorated above the kitchen cabinets, so be looking for those posts soon!


  1. Its amazing, right???
    Also, I can't believe you totally caved and got the membership...but in th end I think it will be worth it for you. I mean...2 bucks a month for awesome editing capabilities? A steal!


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