Tuesday, September 3, 2013

You know those onesies everyone has for their kid's first birthday?

You know how we love parties so much?  Why not start 'em when they're young?  A first party is a great time to get the little kiddos on board with your partying ways.
A friend of mine (shout out to Lau-leigh for inspiring the works) wanted the lettering for a onesie or a t-shirt for her sweet little girl's first birthday.  And I just couldn't help but think a few other people might want the same thing.....so I cut a few extra "one"s out :).
 Pretty darn tootin' cute!


And then I got adventurous with my left over vinyl and I obsess over birdies (the right kind - with fat little bellies, tiny beaks and tails at just the right angles), so I made up some little lovebird onesies:

Want a gold vinyl "one" or cute lovebirds to iron on to your very own onesie or t-shirt?  Head on over and get yours here.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We like to party...We, we, we like to party...

Come on in!  Join us for a shower built around orange, coral, peach, creams, whites and mint green!
Walking in guests are met with garden staked ribbon flyers:

Walking up to front door, you get a glimpse of the tissue ball ceiling inside the entryway and a happy coffee filter wreath greets you:

Tissue pom pom attack!!

Looking back at the entry way as you walk down the hall:

This little gem is always decorated like this for spring/summer, added the crystals to tie it in with the shower:

Put your name and address on an envelope of your choice for the new mama's thank you note writing efforts:

Just strips of paper sewn together (courtesy of the clearance end cap at Target):

Take a quick moment to see if you can guess the ages of the parents-to-be:

Stop and smell the roses & carnations, and be reminded " A baby fills a place in your heart you never knew was empty":

Come on in and get your eat on, we had a brunch of build a biscuit- biscuits, jams, gravy, bacon, ham & cheese, mini quiches, fruit trifle and a white powdered donut cake:

"Build A Biscuit":

Little labels on the spoons helped to differentiate condiments:

Mini Quiche (so yummy!):

The diaper cake we assembled (the mama to be even helped us with the diaper layering):

The shoes kill me, too cute!

Our ribbon garland and felted wool pom pom garland:

A little added bling never hurt either:

Set up the beverages in the kitchen:

Water with fruit (that refused to float):

Raspberry Lemonade, Milk and Orange Juice in carafes with ribbon and crystals tied around them:

Flowers were place all around:
We even blinged up a few:

We placed the gifts to the left of the food table:

 Gotta decorate under the food table too!:

Don't forget the right of the food table either:

On each dining table we had these:

I have been pining away for these jars at Target for a good month or two.  What do ya know...they match the shower colors ;):

 And they held the elastic, buttons and flowers for headband making SO well:

 On your way out?  Don't forget a mini pie. You are SWEET, thanks for coming!:

 Thanks for visiting!  More parties and projects to come soon!

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