Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I dare Jack to jump these.

 I've been seriously lusting after some huge candlesticks. I want some nice tall ones to balance out the TV on top of the "entertainment center." I've seen a few in stores, but for the type I want I've never seen one for less than $50.00. And I wanted three. Ummm....right. Not going to happen.

I've seen table leg/fence post/wooden lamp-to-candle-stick tutorials floating around the blogs, but my search for a large pieces of affordable wood was not going well. I found some fence posts, but at $25.00 per post, the price was not right for me. But then Home Depot came to the rescue. One long table leg for $8.50! A coffee table leg for $4.50! I decided I wanted to make three, so I had them cut 7 inches off of a full length leg.
I found some wooden circles for the bases at Joanns for about .60 cents apiece.

Here are the supplies:

I decided to return the tallest leg--it seemed like too much to me, and I like the effect with just two. I glued the pieces together and stained them with a dark mahogany stain.
Ahem...yes. That is the dining area of our apartment. That's where I decided to do this. It was late. The chemical stain smell has since dissipated.

I glued some glass candle coasters to the top to finish them off. Tuesday Morning provided those for us at the low price of $1.99.

The final product. This isn't exactly the spot their intended for, but this works for now. The total cost for my two solid wood candlesticks was about $20.00! Can't beat that. Well...maybe you can. Consider that a challenge. :)


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  1. Oh so pretty!! I have been looking everywhere for just the right spindles etc to pull this off myself. My sweetie and I are recent home-purchasers and are both quite addicted to anything crafty and DIY :0)

  2. gah! Lindy, ya'lls blog has taken off! so cute, love the candlesticks and your new and improved entertainment center. miss you!

  3. These are so great -- and I love the title of the post!!
    Thanks for sharing


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