Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Head of the Game

I love few things in life more that a good headband, and a good baby. So a good baby in a good head band? You just can't beat that. I've been experimenting with a few fabric flower tutorials and decided to put the flowers on some pantyhose headbands. My friend, and amazing wedding photographer Kim Brock takes the cutest pictures of babies all the time, so I thought she might find some use for them.

I don't have any cute babies handy these days, so I put my headbands on some cups for a little photoshoot.
I find cups to be a little more forgiving, and quiet. Although, not as cute.


Ador gives an awesome tutorial for these Poof ball flowers.

Look back a few months for our Burnt Flower guide.

 Craftaholics Anon does the zipper flowers like no one else, and her tutorial is easy peasy to follow.

 And this one is my personal favorite. Cute little Rosettes. Aww. Drab to Fab shows you how to make them.

These headbands cost almost nothing. I just looked through the scrappy fabric I had, and got creative. I did have to buy some felt, but at 20 cents a sheet, its not exactly breaking the bank. As long as you have a glue gun, basic sewing skills, scissors and some fire you can make any one of these!


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