Thursday, October 7, 2010

Card of the Week Post to make up for months of not posting)

I love Fall! I'm inspired to do some Fall themed cards. Also, I realize there are so many scrapbooking techniques I am oblivious to. I look at other's blogs and realize, wow, I could be doing SO much more with my cards and I'm not. I want more texture, more depth, more vibrancy, more antiquity. But I'm trying!
So here's a couple thank you cards I made for a friend. She is a school teacher and had great parents help her on the yearbook committee and isn't it sweet, she wanted handmade cards to thank them!?

I liked the idea of lining the envelopes, it was so fun. So, if anyone knows the secret to embossing well, please tell me! I got the embossing glue and the embossing microbeads and glitter, but they simply fall off after I've heated the glue, I'm at a loss. Thanks!

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