Wednesday, October 6, 2010

If I told you it was the 'Card of Last Week' post, would you forgive me?

Here's one of my favorite cards to make:

I take white glittered card stock for the bride's dress, khaki colored paper for the silhouette of the bride and groom, black card stock for the groom's suit and netting from a bath sponge packaging for the bride's veil. My Cricut Expression uses the Stretch your Imagination to cut the pieces I need. The flowery, teal flocked cutout ribbon I purchased from a craft store in Utah, but you can find online (,, ).

That's the "Card of Last Week" post. I will do better about keeping you in the loop with a cute card idea of the week!

Also, Lindy's re-vamping of a dresser for an entertainment center has inspired me! I am looking forward to a little fun and game with a blonde wood bench. Remind me to post it later.


  1. Cute card!


  2. Thanks Melissa! Your crafts are so much more ornate!! I just love them. How do you have the patience? And I love your signature staple. Where do you get your ditress ink? I would like to try that out.


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