Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An Orginized Space

Question:   Are weevils ever a good thing?

Answer: Yes!    

About a year ago, I bought a bag of rice that ended up infesting my whole grain shelf before I found the problem.  Actually, my hubby found the problem in a bite of his sandwhich.  Gross!  After throwing everything away, even the perfectly fine stuff in shelves below, he agreed to get containers for everything.  Normally he would have not seen the need, so yay for weevils.  Sick, huh?

That was round one of getting organized. A year later, I decided my New Year's resolution would be to get every closet and cupboard in my house in tip top shape.  I have given myself a year to do it.  Totally do-able!   I just finished my entire kitchen. I don't have a traditional walk-in pantry, but I have designated cupboards for everyhing that I like just as much.  My real "pantry" is in the mudroom and I would rather have everything closer to me in the kitchen.  That closet houses my appliances, bags, and office stuff.

 I won't bore you with pictures of the whole kitchen (even though I kind of want to).  Here are some of my favorite areas:

Snacks in penny candy jars and drinks

Spice cupboard.  My spice rack fits perfectly with room for my salt and pepper shaker.  I couldn't have made one better if I tried. I love it when stuff like that works out!  The middle shelf has more spices grouped by how frequently I use the item (red pepper in the back and dried onions in the front), and the top has bulk spices, salt and bread crumbs. 

Panty: drink mixes on top shelf, then crackers, grains, cereal, canned goods, box mixes, and syrups and sauces on the bottom

I put my bulk sized dry goods in glass canisters displayed on the bottom of my hutch.  I normally like things out of sight, but thought these looked nice and uniform.  What would you do?  Should they stay or should they go?

The last container will hold baked treats or homemade breads. I just need to make a {baked goods} label.
Baking cupboard: extra sugar on top (It's not in my cold storage because some kids got into it when I was not watching.  Have you ever had a whole room covered in powdered sugar?), then flour, powdered sugar, brown sugar, and granulated sugar in the white and silver containers in the middle with the oils, and then baking spices and ingredients on the bottom.  I am still on the lookout for cute little jars for the items on the bottom.
It's nothing too fancy, but I love the look of all the cansiters and the peace of mind knowing it is all safe.  It has taken me a year to collect all these containers, but doing it a little at a time makes it affordable.  Here's to keeping it up the rest of year!
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Thrifted chair love

Have you ever seen something across the room that made your heart skip a beat?  I saw this vintage chair at DI and just had to have it.  I even stuffed it in the front seat of my car to get it home.  I think the loading guys were impressed.  I think I am going to paint the wood sky blue and put it in my room.  I love the dark wood too, so we'll just have to see! 

 Don't forget to check out the "Party Central" tab to see what parties we love linking up to every week!
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