Meet the Sisters


A little OCD goes a long way here. When she's not selling insurance to the good people of Texas, you'll find her making cards, organizing everything she can get her hands on, and secretly feeding her husband 3-5 servings of vegetables a day. We would do well to learn from her. Garage sales and Williams-Sonoma are her only weaknesses. She puts her skills to use on a regular basis to create handmade, creative cards for any occasion--get inspired with her Card of the Week.


If making healthy, budget friendly meals were a race, Jackie would beat the pants off most people. In reality, she would probably win an actual race too. Armed with a Master's in Nutrition from BYU she keeps busy chasing after her two year old son, decorating her newly built home, and running a marathon or two in her spare time.  "What's For Dinner?" is her specialty, where we follow her quick and healthy dinner menu, tested lovingly on her own family first.


Lindy is a recent newlywed, and full-time English major (Graduation: May 2011!!) at Florida State. Wedding crafting started the crafty addiction, and now first home decorating fills the void nicely. The just-barely-above minimum wage job she works to pay the bills leaves little to no room for crafting, so "Thrifty is Nifty" is her personal banner. She waves it proudly.

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