Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall is in the air!

Yay for Fall! Living in Utah, I actually get to experience a true Fall. Leaves changing colors, crisp Autumn air, fruit trees ripening, pumpkin fields ablaze with color. One thing that also gets me excited about this time of year is being able to make warm, comforting food. I am in love with this Sweet Potato and Black Bean chili recipe. It truly is the essence of all things wonderful and Fall-ish. Also, it ranks as one of my super food recipes and takes less than an hour to make from start to finish (much of that is simmer time). Can't get much much better than that!
I hope you enjoy this fall dish as much as my family does! It's great with corn bread or warm homemade bread from the oven. Drained leftovers (if you have enough) can also be put in tortillas and topped with cheese and enchilada sauce for something totally different another day.

ETA: The black beans are already a wonderful source of low-fat protein, but for an extra special twist, try adding some cooked shredded chicken or sliced sausage to the pot when adding the beans and corn. My family also is not big on diced tomatoes, so I just add a can of tomato sauce instead.

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