Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Who says Feb-RU-ary?

Is it just me, or is February one of those interesting English words?
Friend: Wha.....there's two "r's" in Febuary? I think I've misspelled that since I could write!
Me: I know. It's funny, but if you say Feb-RU-ary, you can kinda hear it.
Friend: No you can't. That's a dumb word. No wonder it only gets 28 days.
Me: 29 every 4 years, maybe it's a special month?
Friend: Yeah, it's "special" alright.

Oh and it's St. Valentine's month! The month of love, the month of amore, the month of sweet nothings.

Or, if you are like me, the month of it's-a-new-month-I'm-dying-to-decorate-something!

So I tried :).
Here's the table centerpiece. A few peonies from Target (yeah, those are fake), some red and white balls, a few hanging hearts from Hobby Lobby and a new red candle:
With this silk flower only costing $1.90, who could resist? World Market's clearance bin is fun to look through. AND I went to an estate auction and the vase was part of my $40 lot. I'll have to post about that auction...it was eye-opening and super fun. I was number 168!

I cannot get over how pretty the fake peonies from Target are, not half bad, I've had a few ask where I get my fresh flowers:

I took the ribbon off, it didn't really match too well:

These candy jars were in the auction lot too. I dolled them up with the leftovers from the red and white balls and the hanging hearts and re-used some of the moss and glitter letters from Christmas decor:
Can you see the ball at the top of the stack? The brown dotted one with little pearls sticking out from it? Yeah, I made it. Guess how? I took a 12X12 piece of brown dotted scrapbook paper, wadded it into a ball (yes, as though you will throw it away), played fetch (or in Daisy terms "go get it") with the dog a few times, glued down the tail end of the paper, and gave it some "glam" via gluing stamen pearls from a botched Martha Stewart craft attempt onto it. Hey, it could be worse:
Yeah, I ripped off the classic Valentine's stamp look:
Muwah! Loves from Pile o' Craft!

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  1. I love your valentine table--and I'm really diggin the peonies. And your burlap runner. That pretty much looks awesome.


  2. PRETTY! I need all of you guys to come over and make magic at my house! Also, can you bring a Hobby Lobby with you? Joseph City needs one NOW!

  3. Eash, done and done. Where do I sign?


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