Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Christmas in July, err February.....

Yes, these pictures are insanely late. Point for you. Nor are they complete. Another point for you.
But here they are, Christmas 2010 pictures of a few of the decor items I did. Three points for me, I win.
This is bad lighting, but it's an easy centerpiece idea; find a platter you already own, grab a few of the leftover Christmas ornaments and pile them on:

I wanted to have a style with a little vintage and allot of classy for Christmas. And while my decor is not necessarily going to win a spread in Martha Stewart, Potterybarn or Good Housekeeping, it was done on the cheap and looks pretty dang good. I really, really, really wanted a Magnolia leaf swag (like this one) winding it's way through the decor items, but maybe next year. I couldn't find enough charitable magnolia trees in the open and didn't care for a trespassing violation.

So, I grabbed some clearance fake amaryllis flowers from Wal-Mart, some moss filler from Hobby Lobby and went to work, trying to find stuff to use from around the house:

Lindy had the great idea to use glitter letters to spell out Christmas words, so I copied her:


This was the tree before it's addition of big bulbs:

And once these babies were on, the need for any additional lighting in the living room was nil:

Yeah, that's right, no other lights on and you can CLEARLY see my Martha's Minions wreaths ( see this post):

Quick side note here, when the instructions tell you not to connect more than 60 bulbs, just listen, changing out those little fuses is extremely irritating. SO, save yourself the 45 minutes it will take you to find the right strand and the 30 minutes to change out the fuse and don't connect more than 60 bulbs together.
This was so fun, I used frosted globe lights on my mini trees, they needed some pizazz!

And guess what, my St Valentine day decor is up too :). Post coming soon!
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