Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some little decor projects...

We added this little chandelier to our nursery. I got it at Home Depot. It adds just the right amount of vintage charm. Thanks for installing it Dad!
I made this magnet board earlier, but because I had to cut it with pliers, it was all bent around the corners--plus it looked a little drab with dull metal on heirloom white. I hot glued some pink and green corded trim around the perimeter of the metal for a pop of color. Then I found some after-season Christmas tree ornaments for the magnets by just cutting off the strings and gluing on round magnets to the back.

Every time I looked at the original hanger, the dusty blue and maroon bothered me. I had no maroon in the room, and my blues were either turquoise or sky. I tried to ignore it, but finally I decided to redo my Toy Land sign. Sigh, I liked that it said Toy Land--alluding to my storybook theme, but the colors had to go. I covered the graphic with scalloped cut scrapbook paper with a little mod podge, replaced the knobs with these fabulous blown glass pink ones, and put a sparkly flower embellishment in the center. Perfect.

Just goes to show you how often I redo or add to my crafts. ALL THE TIME.

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