Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The month of love and the Twitter debate..

A Valentine's card, with a lot of writing room on the inside, since it's super long and skinny. Did you know it really happened? The TV series, BONES, poked a little fun at those so enamored with the Valentine parade and pomp and pointed out there's no real excitement in celebrating a massacre. Evidently, seven people were gunned down on the day of love back in 1929, a big brawl between two rival gangs, involving police impersonators and mistaken identities. Sheesh, V-day will never be the same for me.

And I made some "original tweet" cards. Just perfect for my cousin Alicia, who is un-nerved by the fact Twitter is now a social network of catty comments and pointless updates. Really, no one cares a lick if you are at the puppy store, sitting bored at the mall or watching as your life passes by.

But a card really shows you care, so send one to your true friends today:

Tweet ya later!

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  1. I LOVE the 'tweet' card, so very original!! I literally laughed out loud!I felt the same about the Bones episode, perhaps spending Valentines at the gun range is more appropriate? mental note...

  2. Dear cousin,
    Please, please may I BUY a crap load of tweet cards?!?! I'm sending this link to my mom. She loves making cards and recently saved my booty on v-day. Also, I didn't know you watched Bones too. But if you're into watching v-day massacres, you should rent "Some Like It Hot." If you've never seen it, you'll love it!
    You're the DANG best. F'realzies.

  3. These are so awesome! I love all the texture and colors you used--not to mention that the original tweet is hilarious!


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