Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pretty Petals Embelishment

I've been into making hairbows this past week...
I saw a cute hairbow like this at a craft boutique and just had to figure out how to make my own. I call it my pretty petals bow. I'm posting the intructions here so you can enjoy making one yourself. You can use this flower for a myriad of things too--not just hairbows!

1. You will need a needle, thread, scissors, a round object the size you want your finished flower to be, pencil, a bit of fabric (big enough to draw five ciricles with your round thing), and fun things to put in the center of your flower (buttons, mini flowers, vintage jewelry, etc)

2. Trace your round object five times (I used a ribbon spool) and cut out all the circles

3. Fold one circle in half with the "good side" out

4. Take each corner and fold them into the centerline to make a rounded-bottom triangle.

5. Sew the bottom of the rounded triangle with big stitches

6. Push the sewn triangle into the middle of the thread, and repeat the process with the rest of the cirlces.

7. Push all your triangles together and then tighten your thread as tight as it will go without breaking. Knot the thread together to hold it in place.

8. Glue your center piece in the middle and fill in the back hole with hot glue (I cover the hole with fabric or a ribbon leaf--totally optional)

9. Sew it onto a shirt, pillow, bag etc, or glue it onto a pin or alligator clip.
Walla, you have your own pretty petals flower. And you made it all by yourself.
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  1. SEW Cute!! Love the hairbows....hmmm, I might add these to some drab shoes I have!! YAY!

  2. I LOVE your flower and featured you on my Fabulous Fabric Flower post!! Come by and say hi! :)


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