Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Aggies are we...

If you come from a long line of Fightin' Texas A&M Aggies or you are the first in your family, it's important to show that Aggie school spirit.  It's tradition that can't be understood looking in and can't be explained looking out.  It's humping it, yelling it, and whooping it up.  It's complicated unless you're an Aggie. 

Dear friends and fellow Aggie Alum are welcoming their first child, a little girl, this October.  We found a cute outfit for the 6-9 month range, but failed to find many outfits in the 0-3 month range (yeah, it's THAT important).

So, whatcha gonna do ? Well, 'round these parts.....ya make one.

What you'll need:

Onesies in sizes you need
Felt/Fabric of your choice
Heavy Duty Fusible Wonder Under
Fabric glue
Templates of what you want on your onesie
ironing board
fabric scissors

First, you need some templates to trace around.  Cut each letter/shape out.

Next, measure out enough fabric/felt for your shapes/templates (sorry no pic here)

Place your measured fabric/felt over your wonder under and cut the wonder under to same size as your fabric/felt.

There's a "rough" side and a smooth side on the wonder under.  You want the wonder under's rough side to fuse to the wrong side of your fabric.  If you are using felt, it doesn't matter, since both sides of the felt are the same.  Set your iron to "wool/silk" setting, place your fabric wrong side up on the ironing board, place your wonder under rough side down on top of your fabric/felt and iron away.  Test a corner of the two peices to see that your paper comes off and leaves a film on the fabric, that means the fusing took place. 

This is wonder under:

I borrowed a pic from to show you the wonder under fused to the wrong side (the under side) of the fabric:

 Now, trace your templates/shapes on the paper side of your wonder under. Use your fabric scissors to cut each letter out.  If you are doing letters that have to go a certain "way", remember to trace them backwards, so they come out the "right" way when you are done.

With the aTm, it doesn't matter how they are traced, because they are symmetrical:

I used fabric glue on my bib portions because it worked better.  Be sure to place a baggie or peice of cardboard between the front and back of the onesie where you are gluing, otherwise, you'll glue your onesie together.

See the "aggie girl"?  Make sure you trace something like that backwards on to your wonder under paper.

She's gonna be one cute Aggie in training!! :)

Thanks for looking! 

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  1. Kourtney-

    I LOVE the onesies! What a great idea to do the bib part. Super cute.

    1. Thanks! It was so fun to make, I do believe I'll make a few more...:)

  2. Do you sew your wonder under?

  3. If I am using a heavier fabric like felt/burlap/canvas I will usually put a running stitch along it. But otherwise, it holds up pretty well, especially if you purchase the heavy duty wonder under.

    Thanks for looking and have a great day!


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