Monday, July 30, 2012

Where's the beef?

My dear darling husband constantly runs around the house saying, "Where's the beef?" about 7 pm every night.  At that moment, I look up from whatever craft I'm working on and realize I should feed the poor man.  Crafting takes a front and center approach and most everything falls to the wayside, especially home cooked meals.  So I scrounge around the pantry and fridge and plop stuff into a pan/pot and hope it turns out.  After all, he does the dusting, cleaning and laundry when I'm on a craft binge, the least I can do is dinner.

But I'm tired of scrounging....thinking....and the like.  SOOOO, I've been tempted for many months to build a meal calendar to help alleviate the scrounging and thinking part and make it more a set, 'I will make this on this day and stop trying to get it together at the last minute'.

Silhouette, double-sided paper, tacky tape, push pins and black sticker letters to the rescue!!  I used Avery 2 x 4 inch clear labels and put main courses, side dishes and desserts on each one.  I then adhered the labels to paper cutouts that were 2 1/4 x 4 inches.  Then Silhouette helped me cut the fold over pockets.  I used 1/8 inch eyelets in the hanging holes to make them a little more durable.   Tacky tape holds all the pockets together. 

Eventually, I'll put a cute little "quote board" on the bottom right for inspirational thoughts. 

3M Command strips hold the entire board to the inside of my pantry door. 

What a more scrounging, thinking and sometimes sub par dinner turn outs! 

Just good ole cooking and a plan. 

Now I pick out what I want for the next two weeks, review the checklist at the bottom of each entree/side dish/dessert for necessary ingredients (which go on to my Saturday shopping list if I don't have them), try to make them correspond with as many coupons as possible and have one less thing to stress about.

Pretty cute, huh?

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