Saturday, August 25, 2012

One Poppin' Party

 Alright, the 'Sisters formerly known as Hansen' have a problem when it comes to party throwin'.  As in, we really don't know when to stop.  We get a little crazy, but it is SOOOOO FUN!!  And a big shout out to Paige and Laura for helping me with my crazy shower throwin'  obsession.  Laura is having her first little baby in October.  It's a girl and I could hardly contain myself when it came time for the shower....really, ask Paige or Laura, I have issues.

Here's the invites:

 Laura fell in love with the poppy line from Gymboree  and honestly, one look and we were all hooked.  So "POP" became a regular, overused part of our vocabulary.  Seriously....fruit ka-'pops', chicken 'pop' pie, soda pop, jalapeno poppers, snap-crackle-pop parfaits were on the menu.  I tried very, very, very hard to be okay with the "ready to pop" idea for banners and invitations, I just couldn't do it.  It just sounded so....SCARY (not to mention a little too descriptive)....once I put it on paper.  

We got Laura's baby some cute clothes from the poppy line and strung 'em up for the shower:

Anyone who knows me well knows I have a bit of an obsession with circles.  I don't know why I love them so much, I just think they are SUPER why not use them to my advantage?

Entryway to the party: 
Okay, I'm a total nerd and set the stuff up once I got home....yep, I liked it THAT much!

 Yes, I am crazy... I did sew the circle garlands all together!

We (okay, I forced Paige and her mom) to do some tissue pom poms.  Don't recommend doing these at 2 in the morning, you kinda lose your mind.
Something so magical happens with some tissue paper hanging from the Dorothy's poppy DREAMY:

We set up a few good quotes and some stamped envelopes for people to write their name and address on, one less thing for the new mommy to do!  Seriously, one the best ideas on this planet.  Thank you shower genius who thought this one up.  On the left side of the table are the favors for the shower, cake pops!

Here's a close up from when I was making the cake pops:
 Close up on the quotes.....Oh, I just love these quotes!:


 I made a bunch of hairbows and placed them on the tree like ornaments:


The set up at the shower.  I wanted the banner across the table....but alas, the set up was not meant to be.


So I set up the banner at home to show my vision ;)
Pocketful of Poppies, indeed!
And that is one FABULOUS diaper cake!  We love the way this one was made!
Cake topper.  Oh baby shoes, I do so love thee!
Our parfait cups turned out super cute, too bad you can't taste one of these, they were SOOOO good:

Parfait cups

On the back of each pop label was a little tag to write your initials, so you truly know which is "your pop".
Your "key" to a soda poppin' good time: 
If you've never had Casa Linda petit fours, you are missing out. Next time you are in Dallas, so worth the trip.  As a matter of fact, we had these babies imported direct from the afore mentioned Dallas bakery.

Food labels turned out pretty darn cute.  We filled up square vases with black beans, lima beans and navy beans (which oddly enough people kept trying to eat as part of the food!! LOL). We wrapped the vases with crepe streamers and hot glued buttons down the front:

 Don't you LOVE the little red ramekins we found a World Market for the chicken 'pop' pies:

Laura and I share an obsession for the Emma dinnerware collection from Potterybarn:
  And I got a little crazy and made lined cones for the jalapeno poppers:

These are empty, but a little jalapeno popper fits perfectly inside each cone:
A jar full of favor'reds' starburst, for the taking: 

 The most popular item of the day?  Anthropologie's 100% cotton napkins, on a roll, tear-off style.  These are so cool, I cannot even begin to speak my pleasure:                    

 Made a big banner....then had left over I made a little banner too:

 And we made a whole slew of cute onesies at the shower in lieu of playing games.  Smashing success if I don't say so myself!


Well how else would you hang them other than with poppy clothespins?:

Made a TON of pinwheels for the back windows at the party

They are SO sweet for showers, really dress the place up

Kourtney & Laura:

Grandma Arrington, Laura & Paige
                   One of the cutest pregnant chicas I have ever seen (Paige was super cute and tiny like this too)                         

It's a Mexican style dress, my girls will live in these one day
I love that her "hospital box" was so EXCITING!  Look at that joy!  Snickers, cards, creamy soaps/lotions, magazines....oh it IS the little things.

 Here's the cute 6-9 month Aggie outfit we found and included in Laura's "hospital box".  Since baby can't wear that home, I took the liberty of making a onesie (hanging on the line in prior picture) for the lil Aggie, sized 0-3 months.
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  1. Kourtney, this is blowing my mind! This is the most elaborate/super awesome shower I've ever seen!

  2. Kourtney! This shower is seriously amazing!! All the tiny little details really came together PERFECTLY. I love the circle banners! And the bunting! And the tiny banner on top of the diaper cake! And the sprinkles on the parfait cups!!! So amazing!!

    Laura is SO LUCKY to have you.

    Also, now I strangely have a hankering for tiny squares of cake covered in frosting...

    And I'm definitely going to use soda idea for the next shower I do. It really amps up the cuteness factor, don't you think?

  3. Tanya, thanks so much! We'll have many more to come, I'm sure; you'll have to come join the chaos and fun!

  4. Lindy, thank you my sweet sister. Your showers were my inspiration!

    It's true what they say, 'the devil is in the details'. But man, the details sure do make for a smashing party!

    The soda idea I stole from you! You said you were putting labels on the straws for Kristen's shower and I thought....ooooo, what if I did labels on the pop?! So, I did. :)


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