Monday, November 21, 2011

Pinterest- Good/Evil debate

Pinterest is king of everything crafty right now. The sisters have been discussing all the wonderful things on Pinterest, pinning any and all wonderful ideas, and having a grand ole time in general.
Then we came to the conclusion, Pinterest can be a real addictive, time wasting activity if you don't act on the fabulous finds and ideas.
SOOOOOO......I acted. The board I pinned this puppy to, "Pinterest made me do it..."
Well, it did!

Cute, huh? YAY for a Pinterest idea come to fruition!
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  1. Brava! I created a "Pins I Did" board for that purpose. I love the table runner!!!

  2. Thanks so much Eash! It was labor intensive, but at least I didn't have to make all the doilies.....correction, ANY of the doilies :).

  3. I looove this project. Like, so so much. I want to make one. Maybe we can do it during Christmas??? Yes!!!

    And Pinterest is so good and so bad all at once. We should link this up to the next Pinterest Challenge!


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