Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pillow Makeover

When I bought a couch with my very first room mate right out of high school, it came with two throw pillows. They weren't exactly my definition of cute. See for yourself.

It's been a little over 3 years now, and I finally did something about those ugly pillows.  I've been meaning to make some pillowcases for...well, a little over 3 years. Once I got started it was easy, especially if you're not picky about stuff like measuring.

A little bit of felt, some dollar store doilies, and spray adhesive later:

To make the yellow pillow I just sprayed doilies with Elmer's craft Bond, and stuck them on the fabric. They've held up pretty well, but I would recommend reinforcing with some actual fabric glue, or even actual sewing,  as well.

The grey pillow took a little bit more time. I'll give you a step by step.

 1) Cut 3 inch circles out of felt. I chose three shades of grey and black. One flower takes about 25 circles.

2) Make the first petal by folding one circle in half, and sewing the bottom down with a few tight stitches.

3) Repeat, and overlap the next petal slightly.

4) Continue pattern. The last petal should be sewn right next to the first petal.

5) Make one big circle of petals, and then a smaller circle inside of it.

6) To hide the stitching on the bottom of your petals, just glue a circle of felt to the center of your flower.

You should end up with something like this:


Here they are all together again, just in case you forgot:

One detail that I was extra proud of was the back of the cases:

I used two separate pieces of fabric, and overlapped them. That way I can take the case off for easy washing, seasonal changing, etc. For someone who doesn't sew, it was a pretty huge breakthrough.

This took less than an hour, and completely finished the look of the living room. The colors matched the one other pillow we own perfectly, which is a major advantage to making your own cases.

Also, when I showed Cory the final results, he said, "Hey! Those look like real pillows."

Thanks for the vote of confidence, babe.


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  1. so cute! you make it all look so easy.

  2. "especially if you're not picky about stuff like measuring" Lindy this is why I love you! hahaha. (...among other things)

    I miss you!!

  3. OOOOOOOOOOOO, gurhl, you got talent. You shore cud be one dem famous gurhls. Ooo gurhl!


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