Thursday, September 22, 2011

A home for my collection...

So remember how I said my little kitchen island had storage inside? Well, sad to say, this is what is was holding.

Yes. That would be my secret hoard of milk glass piled precariously on top of each other. Few people know about this little stash of mine;I refer to it as my guilty pleasure. I have been dreaming of getting a wonderfully gorgeous hutch to display it all. I am still patiently waiting for that day to come, but I found a pretty nice temporary solution. Here it is with the wine rack and plate holders already removed, ready to be primed and painted.
p.s. I do not recommend painting in your basement. The cons of poor lighting and ventilation beat out the convenience of being able to paint when the kids are in bed.

Almost finished....

I am debating about painting the back of the hutch a coordinating accent color. Any suggestions? Look at the last two posts to see my kitchen colors. I am thinking either the yellow or the green, but let me know what you think. Here's your chance to use those fabulous design skills. Please share!

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  1. I think you should do the aqua. But do it subtlety, like a white wash technique, but with aqua. That way you can pull in the aqua from the island and the yellow and green fruit will pop alongside all of the white. I think it would be fabulous!

  2. I like your "secret stash". It's loverly, just loverly.

    Let me know how fabric covering goes!

  3. I like Kaylee's idea--with the hint of aqua in the back.

    Also, I like that you have a hoard. That milk glass is sooo cool.

    Also, I bought a hutch yesterday...what can I say, you inspired me! :)

  4. And I totally supported the painting in the basement approach. Sorry. Now we know...


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