Friday, December 3, 2010

Craftmas 2010

I'm so excited to show everyone what we've been working so hard on for the past few weeks! Decorating the house for our first Christmas has been so much fun, and we can't wait to spend it together. We're not exactly making the big bucks, so to keep costs down we used a lot of paper, hot glue, and Black Friday deals. Just a few touches of Christmas added into our everyday stuff seemed to make a pretty big difference. Bonus of living in a tiny ghetto apartment I suppose. Lucky us!

The house was looking pretty clean last night, after about a week of grossness, so it seemed like an excellent time to snap a few pictures. Wanna see?

This is the general setup. Stockings hung from the window with care, and some sugar cookie candles making the house smell delicious make for a niiice night.

Our table got a little touch of Christmas for pennies. A stray ornament, a few glittery letters and some peppermint do the trick nicely. Wanna closeup? Don't mind if I do...

I was all about getting a real tree for our first Christmas...until I saw these doorbuster Alpines at Micheal's. Three pre-lit allpines for $15.00? Yes please.

Twine, hot glue and glitter letters: Where have you been all my life?

See the giant jewels? Leftovers from a Breakfast at Tiffany's  Bridal shower  1.5 years ago.
I had a 20% off coupon, gift cards and the overwhelming urge to buy these adorable sock monkeys about 3 weeks ago. They are our official "First ornaments".

I had five nutcrackers from the 10 for $10.00 bin at Michaels (aka the 5 for $5.00 bin.) I put them all over the house and then timed Cory while he tried to find them...

Here in balmy Florida our hopes of a white Christmas are low. Here's to hoping.

I used this easy tutorial to make some 3D paper snowflakes.Copy paper, scissors and hot glue is all it takes.

Dollar Tree ornaments (1.00 for 15 ornaments?! ) and some fishing line are magical.

I switched out our regular pictures for wrapping paper, christmas cards and a print out of Norman Rockwell's Santa. Total cost: Zero dollars!

The ONLY card I could find.

I love that fat Santa. Thank goodness there is a color printer at Cory's office.

I just had to use the new cricut for something. So, we got some personalized stockings.

 Christmas even made an appearance in our room! The last nutcracker matched perfectly, so he gets to spend some quality time with my hair straightener.

And, this is mostly a shot of our bed. I made it! But there are also some floating ornaments in the corner.

So, that's it! Our first Christmas in the making. Any tips for making our first Christmas awesome?


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  1. Why are you SO CUTE!? I read this blog all the time...slightly creeper, I know. Your house looks magical!

  2. So awesome! :) I'm jealous, I can barely get any of my stuff up! And yours just looks fabulous! I think the only thing you need now is PRESENTS! :) Every holiday decor needs some good ol' fashioned gifts! Merry Christmas!

  3. Awww! Thanks Katie!

    I CANNOT wait for some presents Holly! That is definitely the next order of business.

  4. Hey--I want a link to the 3D snowflakes.

    You should have gone with the other header. I'm just sayin'.

    It really does look pretty--I love your framed Christmas pix the most!


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