Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Dresser in Drag

So, let's be real. Cory and I are poor. Which is awesome and challenging, etc. But, it has its downside as well. Namely, when I come up with a some crazy idea I have, and he plays the "Do we really NEED to spend money on that" card.

I hate that card.

It's so sensible. But, it works for us. I come up with the crazy ideas, he vetoes them. That way we can pay bills. Yay!

But, what happens when Cory is the one to come up with the far fetched, crazy, wonderfully crafty ideas??
Great things, my friends. Great things.

Before we moved in I scored this little beauty for thirty buckaroos.

 It took some convincing, but Cory finally agreed it would be the perfect stand for his precious baby, the T.V. I wanted to paint it, but he thought the dark wood "matched" everything else so painting wasn't necessary.  I let it go...but one day he took a good look at what we had going on. A good hard look.

Then he says, "Hey Lindy, what if we took one of these top drawers out? It wouldn't be hard to put a shelf in."

Oh, baby.

My response? "What if we took out all three drawers???? And painted it!?!?"

Luckily the next day was Saturday. Less than 25 hours later, we were doing this:

And then we had this:

Get 'er done! I can't believe how quickly this came to life after we talked about it. It was finished less than 24 hours after we decided to do it.

The total cost wasn't too bad either: 30.00 for the dresser + 10.00 for paint+10.00 for a board to lay across+5.00 for the piece of trim across= $55.00 for a new "entertainment center"

 I'm looking for the perfect little somethings to go into the open space along with out mountain of electronic accessories. Baskets, maybe? Suggestions are welcome.

Also, I can not wait to get started on my next project: The TV Wall. This is what I have in mind:

 Disclaimer: I don't know where this picture is from, but its from somewhere else.

Oh gallery wall, how I love you so!


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  1. That looks so awesome! :) Very good crafting!!

  2. nicely done. you make it all look so easy!

    baskets are a good choice, or some vintage books? baskets are probably more practical, unless you hollowed out the books and glued together the pages to make them storage boxes! that would be exciting!

    i also envision some awesome new pulls on the drawers, you know, once those pesky bills get paid.


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